The Wait is Over: An Early Preview of Bing AI is Live Now

AI Powered New Bing Search

Today, the first preview of the AI Powered new Bing search is live and ready to revolutionize the world of search. The people who joined the waitlist are receiving invitation to try an early preview of the new Bing features, including the ability to earn rewards for using Bing search. It has a unique way of adding value by putting search, chat, and answers all on one platform. Google’s search engine is a preferred source for online searches for a long time, and this new development is expected to give a serious competition. How Google responds to this challenge is still up in the air.

The new Bing differs from traditional search, as it has more power and the ability to revolutionize the search. Every time you conduct a web search, it might act as a personal organizer, research assistant, and creative partner. You can ask complex questions, and it will return to you with detailed replies.

Intuitive Search

The experience is like a human conversation; Bing tries to provide clarification and more information. For example, when I ask about C, Bing gives me relevant search results and more information about the topic. This makes the conversation more interesting and informative. It also gives some external references. Additionally, it has an automatic suggestion of “Tell me more about C programming”; once I click the button, the response was more intuitive and precise. This feature can be very helpful for beginners who may not know what specific topic they need more information on. It saves time and effort by providing relevant information with no further searching.

Share Results on Social Media

Sharing your answer on different social platforms can help others who might have the same question, and it can also increase your visibility and credibility as a knowledgeable source. Bing has a feature that allows you to easily share your search results on various social media platforms, making it convenient for you to spread helpful information to a wider audience.

The potential mistakes and unexpected results

Even though the new Bing has an advanced AI model, but it is quite common that it makes mistakes like all other AI systems, and can give unexpected response. So, it is very important to verify the information to ensure the authenticity and accuracy. Microsoft is committed to improve the AI system, minimize errors, and ensure the accuracy of search results. If you discover a mistake, you can let Bing know about it by sharing your feedback directly on the search results page. This helps Bing continuously learn and improve its AI algorithms for better search results in the future.

Compliance with AI Principles

As per Microsoft, they are committed to developing new AI-powered Bing search features that are aligned with their AI principles of fairness, reliability, privacy, inclusiveness, and transparency. It’s because they believe AI has the potential to transform the world positively, but it must keep humans at the center, mitigate failures, prevent misuse, and avoid unintended consequences.

“AI Principles are not the document, we are practicing it, as it is the only solutions in this case to prevent the AI being used harmful” – Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO.


In conclusion, Microsoft’s new Bing search comes with a significant power that can revolutionize online search and has the potential to become a major player in the search engine market. AI technology has changed the way we access information and made our lives more efficient. With its ability to quickly provide the relevant information, we can now focus on other important tasks and make better use of our time.

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